FDCWC Division - Pollution Control & Environment Protection

Dr. Dipak Hadawale

National Head - PCEP

Pollution Control & Environmental Protection division is headed by Dr. Dipak Hadawale.He is Doctorate in Chemistry from IICT (Formerly UDCT Mumbai). He has worked in chemical industry and he is aware of functioning of different divisions of industries. His past experienced, technical knowledge and his goodwill in industry will help to resolve issues of industries.

Pollution Control & Environment Protection

Progress of nation depends on industrial growth and commercialization of ideas, concepts and inventions. India is developing country and industrial sector is as important as agricultural sector to fulfil the needs of 1300 million population.

Food, Cloth and Shelter are the basic needs of human being. Every person should have unadulterated food, pure drinking water and pollutant free air.

Pollutants from industry enters in our food chain, water resources, and air. Rapid urbanization poses problems like generation of huge solid waste and generation of waste water used for different purpose.

Today's society is also facing problem of noise pollution causing inconvenience to elderly people, patients, kids and students due to High Decibel Sound.

Recently, world observed the impact of pollution, a byproduct of rapid industrialization on urban civilization in China. Many polluting industries have been forcefully closed by Govt. of China.

In India pollution is controlled by Govt. Bodies like Central Pollution Control Board and Statewide Pollution Control Boards.

FDCWC wish to coordinate among Industry, Govt. Authorities, Technical Consultants, Legal Authorities and Society. Our team will take awareness programs by requesting Industry, Govt. Authorities and Public Bodies to participate in free discussion and technical sessions. We wish to resolve pollution issues faced by industry using technical expertise and coordinating among consultants and universities.

We appeal to self motivated technically competitive people from industry, society, universities and students to join us for preserving our environment for the future generations.

Let us make this World BETTER.