A team of dedicated and well trained professionals from various fields with an objective to educate consumers and make them aware of their rights as per the guidelines of Consumer Protection Act 1986, Govt. of India.

We deal with all types of issues related to human health affecting directly or indirectly. It comprises food, drugs, cosmetics, hospitals, hospitality and other service industries.

We observe, analyze and monitor entire process – from manufacturing of goods till it reaches to consumers. We are keen to get the best possible services to consumers by various service providers.

"We strive for better health and well being of the society."

Our Vision

"Educated consumer with technical knowledge, commercial aspects and legal procedure to safeguard consumer rights."

Our Mission

"To create a permanent, irreversible change in the lives of people in India in coming years."

Our Philosophy

FDCWC educate people and make them aware about their consumer rights with help of in house technical, commercial and legal experts and our wide network throughout the country. We work hand in hand with the Government and Non-Government Organizations which is the key to create an overall change in consumer mindset.

Our Scope

Our scope of work is all types of foods and drugs consumed by people in any form and we work on all issues related to human health, affecting directly or indirectly.

It is observed that Food industry is vast in India as we are the second most populated country in the world. We are 1.35 billion. There are different players – big corporate players and at the same time demand is catered by small unorganized players.

Same can be said about hotel industry. There are seven star, five star, three star hotels and small hotels.

People in city as well as in rural India eat roadside also.

Our Role

Our role is to observe, analyze and monitor entire process – from manufacturing of food products till it received to consumers - quality of food products served by all players.

People should get products – value for their hard earned money.

Same can be said about drugs.

There are many drugs manufacturing companies and small companies also, working under strict regulation of FDA and FSSI. People should get quality drugs, medicines at appropriate price.

We are also monitoring type of treatment and service offered by all hospitals – big corporate hospitals, government hospital, hospitals run by trusts, individual hospitals as well clinics to patients

As a social responsibility, FDCWC have taken an initiative by starting A Unique Drive- “ Challenge to Hepatitis B & C” We are organizing free medical check up camps in various locations in Mumbai. We educate people about hepatitis, its causes, its tests and treatments. We scan people in camp by doing their blood tests.